About me

Ciao, مَرْحَبًا, Hello, নমস্কার, Hallo,
Saluton, Salut, Szia, Dia dhuit,
こんにちは, ជំរាបសួរ, 안녕, Salve,
你好, Cześć, Привет, Hola, שלום

Welcome to my blog! This is the about page so I guess I better talk about myself. My name’s Matt, and I’m from England. I’m a geeky, vegetarian travel addict. To support my obsession with other cultures I have been teaching English abroad. I have taught mathematics and English at a Chinese university and most recently I was teaching in the south of Italy. Before that I was doing a PhD in mathematics.

Things I like include Amsterdam, Board games, Cover songs, Dice, Eclipses, Fantasy football, Getting lost, Heavy metal, Impressionism, Joke books, Kitchen gadgets, Learning Chinese, Magic the Gathering, Non-linear story telling, Origami, Paradoxes, Quizzes, Real ale, Science fiction, Tofu, Umlauts, Venus fly traps, World maps, Xenobiology? (X was hard!), Yorkshire puddings and Zelda.

I started this blog just as a place to post a beautiful vegan cupcake recipe and my terrible poetry. I soon found that I enjoy writing about almost anything. It can be therapeutic to craft an article and very satisfying when a new post is finished. I’m not always able to post as often as I like but regular topics include;

  • Origami tutorials
  • Top ten lists of music videos
  • Fantasy football
  • Activities and games for teaching English as a foreign language

I will aim to keep the topics as diverse as possible even if writing about a new topic for the first time is a challenge. Please enjoy exploring my blog. Who knows where you will end up?