Art Diary: May and June 2022

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Art Diary: May and June 2022

It’s time for another update on my art project. This time I have some big news and then I’ll take a look at how much progress I’m making towards my New Year’s resolutions for my art.

Restarting my Instagram Page

The big news is that I’ll be restarting my Instagram on the first of July. You can find it here.

After I rewrote all of the core code in March and April I wanted to update all the old code I used to make my previous pieces of art on Instagram. I have now remade all of the old art I made on Instagram with the new syntax and code. This was really useful for testing all the work I had done and I managed to find plenty of bugs this way. It also ensures that I’m not starting from scratch when I make new art for my Instagram page if I want to adapt or improve a previous post.


When I stopped posting on Instagram, I had reached post number ninety-nine. This means that my next post on Friday isn’t just the rebirth of my Instagram page, but also a celebration of reaching the milestone of 100 posts. As you can see I have decided to commemorate the occasion by combining lots of my favourite pieces of art from the first 100 posts. This is the most complicated piece I have ever done, and I think it’s a pretty decent representation of all the different things I’ve been able to make with my art package.

Every time I make art for my Instagram page, I feel like I get better and better at it. Here are some examples of pieces that I really like that I have scheduled for the first week of July.



Revisiting my goals for 2022

Since we are halfway through the year, I thought it would be a good idea to revisit my ten goals for 2022 and see how much progress I have made at the halfway point.

1. Finish uploading my existing code onto github


I have now uploaded about 95% of my code onto Github, and it contains most of the applications I have already made such as Celtic knots, string art and parametric functions. The code needs a lot of work done to improve it, but putting it on Github is the first step to being more organised and making all of the other improvements on this list. I’m happy to count this as a success.

2. Improve my code so it passes all checks with out any warnings

One of the big advantages of publishing my code on github is that it allows you to configure automatic checks every time you modify the project. This checks for inconsistencies in many different areas including the documentation. My code currently passes checks without any fatal errors, but there are a lot of errors. I haven’t made any progress on this but this is my goal for June now that my Instagram page is back up and running. I don’t understand what all of the errors mean, so I have some research to do first. This is an important goal because many of the errors come from documentation and documentation is one of the most important parts of a package.

3. Write vignettes to document all the things you can do with my package

Vignettes are going to be really important for this package. They will provide more practical help than formulaic function documentation and can explain the package holistically as well as showing how to use all the different pieces together to create graphics. Sadly I haven’t made any advances in this area, but writing this post has gotten me thinking about vignettes and where to start. I doubt I’ll be able to get of all the vignettes I want to do by the end of the year. However if I start a tutorial series of vignettes by the end of the year that would still be progress given that I don’t even know how to write a vignette at the moment.

4. Fill a photo album with my art


This is a resolution I have made more progress towards to as shown above. I only have a few pictures in the album, put I’m really happy with the way they have come out so far.

5. Build a wallpaper download area on my site

This resolution is another success. I haven’t created a dedicated area on the site as I originally envisioned, but I have created a series that you can follow here. Each post has ten different pieces of art and each one comes in a variety of different sizes for different devices. I plan to keep this series going and expand into different types of designs. The process of creating ten different variations on the same theme has given me plenty of inspiration for variations to use on my Instagram page. I can also use these pieces for my photo album and as my own desktop backgrounds, so this is a very productive process for me.

6. Restart my Instagram page

As I explained earlier, I will complete this resolution on the first of July. My hope is to keep it running for longer than I ever have before. Now that I have re-engineered the core functions in my package, I should be able to focus on creating art. I still have a lot more applications and ideas to try out.

7. Move into three dimensions

This is another resolution that I haven’t fully completed, but I have made good progress. The hardest part of rewriting my package to incorporate the concept of a camera has been done. It works really well with lines and points, but for solid shapes there are still problems. In this scenario, you have to be able to manage the problem that some objects will obscure other objects and that the order you draw them will depend on whether they are close to the camera or further away. I’m still unfamiliar with three dimensional graphics, so I still have plenty to learn here.

8. Post some animations on youTube

I haven’t attempted this yet. I might leave this resolution until next year. I’d like to learn to make some background music to go with the graphics as well, which would make the videos better, but also be more demanding to make.

9. Build maps, graphs and infographics

Whilst I haven’t made any progress towards this resolution I’m confident that the action, build, camera and display model I have built is a great foundation for some of these approaches. For example a camera function that converts longitude and latitude into x and y co-ordinates. This is definitely an exciting area.

I might make a start on this when I start planning my fantasy football team for next season. This would be a good opportunity for making graphs.

10. Implement text boxes and labels

My final resolution follows on from the last one and I expect it would be completed in tandem with it. This is probably the resolution I have thought the least about on this list and gets complicated very quickly when you start considering line breaks and typesetting. However this is really important for those infographics and graphs, so I’m going to have to tackle it at some point.

That’s it for my resolutions. As you can see, I’ve completed some of them, made a start on others and yet to start on others. Come back at the end of August to see what progress I have made.

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