Ten of my Favourite Cover Songs

Ten of my Favourite Cover Songs

Cover songs are one of my absolute favourite things. I love the passion people bring to their favourite songs, and the endless ways songs that can be transformed, remade or rediscovered.

These are not in any order, and I excluded film and video game covers. Look for future musical posts 🙂

1. Stary Olsa – Californication

The coolest covers are when a song is transformed into a completely different style. I also have a big soft spot for the middle ages so this is my favourite song on today’s list.

2. Halestorm – Bad Romance

Some times I like pop songs, but not pop music.

3. Van Canto – Fear of the Dark

You don’t need guitars to be metal as fuck. This cover is hauntingly beautiful.

4. Michelle Kwan – One

To nobody’s surprise, a beautiful song on a beautiful instrument like the guzheng is … beautiful.

5. Lindsey Stirling – Boulevard of Broken Dreams

An ever reliable source of great cover songs. She covers music, film, video games on top of her own songs. Famous for some dubstep violin tracks, her videos are consistently high quality.

6. Commander in Chief – Paranoid

Covers can breathe new life in songs you have heard hundreds of times.
It’s a brand new song, but you already know all the words!

7. Atlantis Black – Have you Ever?

Everyone’s voice is unique right? Not like this. This is one of my absolute favourite songs of all time, covered by a singer with a truly unique voice.

8. Hell Songs – War Pigs

Another Black Sabbath classic but in a very different style.

9. Hayseed Dixie – Bohemian Rhapsody

Bluegrass is a fantastic genre for covers. Everything sounds crazy fun played on a banjo.

10. Patrick Mathis – Smooth Criminal

Another entry for unusual instruments. This time round, pardon the pun, it’s the barrel organ.