Beijing Sunrise

Beijing Sunrise

A poem I wrote this week. Originally it was called Brindisi sunrise but poems go where they want, and this one ended up in Beijing.

Italian breakfast
first cigarettes, then coffee
forgotten and cold.

Irish girl abroad
second and third espresso
another roll up.

Grey Beijing sunrise
early regrets, six o’clock
already too hot.

coffee Ticket to Berlin
months gone, but months still to go
another fuck up.

Paris in her dreams
Can’t wake up, somewhere to be
nowhere to belong

Russian bar last night
ripped tights, dirty looks
Vodka didn’t work

Came north from Shanghai
always moving never free
Ashtray filling up

French homework to do
no answers, empty notepad
Caffeine not working

An Australian ex
drunken text without reply
history repeats

coffee He moved to Japan
a bad joke same old punchline
couldn’t laugh anyway

Belfast memories
Where to next? must look forward
Can’t go back again

Grey Beijing sunrise
One more smoke, one last coffee
be back tomorrow