Ten of my Favourite Gerudo Valley Cover Versions

Ten of my Favourite Gerudo Valley Cover Versions

I fell in love with this tune the first time I ever heard it, and judging by the number of the awesome covers, I’m not the only one. From orchestras to paper clips, here are ten very different covers of the Gerudo Valley theme from Zelda: Ocarina of Time by Koji Kondo.

PiscesRising – Orchestral

There are several great orchestral renditions of Gerudo Valley, including one by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra. I chose this one however because I love the way this builds and grows as it progresses.

Mart0zz – Marimba

This looks so much fun! Check out their youtube channel for lots more Zelda covers.

Smooth McGroove – Acapella

Of course, this list would be imcomplete with out Smooth McGroove and his feline friend. I buttered it up up, I buttered it up, up, I buttered it up up…

Kyle Athayde Dance Party – Jazz

A sweet jazz version that is sure to get you off Epona and dancing along.

Sean Hogan – Paperclips

Paperclips aren’t a musical instrument, are they? Sean Hogan may just change your mind.

VGM Acoustic – Acoustic Guitar

On this list with a few wacky entries, this is probably the cover that sounds the closest to the original song, but that’s not a bad thing!

R3 Music Box – Music Box

I’m going to buy a music box soon, and I’ll definitely be covering some video game songs. They imbue any song with a magical feeling. It sounds perfect for any Zelda song.

Mariachi Entertainment System – Maraiachi

I don’t normally listen to Maraiachi, but I think it just suits Gerudo Valley so well. Cover music is a great way to listen to a broader variety of music genres.

Taylor Davies – Violin

This video features some sweet N64 style visuals. You can see from how much fun she is having that Taylor Davies is a massive Zelda fan. In fact she released a whole album of Zelda covers.

Ephixa – Dupstep

There are countless electronic covers of Zelda songs, but the Ephixa dubstep covers are my favourites. Their Song of Storms cover is another song I listen to over and over again.