Check out my Art on my new Instagram page

Check Out my Art on Instagram

I have started a new art project on instagram. I am going to post a new piece of art every day at I’m going to post the first week’s art on this page as a sampler of what you can find there. After that, head over to instagram for the latest pieces.

Day One: One Line

Unlike the last piece, this is something you could draw by hand. I enjoyed the challenge of drawing a piece of art with only one line. It starts off flat at the bottom and each time it crosses the page it gains an extra bump. It becomes more and more complicated as it goes up the page. The lines created this way resemble many different things. They could be waves on an ocean, or layers of rock. What do you see?

Day Two: An Optical Illusion

This piece is based on the Munker-White optical illusion. I only used six colours, but it looks like there are more, because your perception of a colour is influenced by the colours around it. I really like the colour scheme I used here. I’m sure I will be using it again in the future.

Day Three: Celtic Knot (WIP)

This piece is a work in progress. I’ve been working on writing code to draw Celtic knots for a while now, and the results look pretty good. I have problems with the borders on the knots, but if they are kept thin enough the problems aren’t very noticeable. I look forward to the really complicated knots I’ll be able to create in the future.

Day Four: Cyclic Cellular Automata

Cyclic Cellular Automata come from mathematics and computing. They are a model of how complex ordered structures can emerge from disorder through simple means. In this one the spirals are in the process of growing until they cover the entire picture. I love the balance between chaos and disorder in this snapshot.

Day Five: Boxes Inside Boxes

This picture is inspired by fractals like the Menger Sponge but I used randomness to reduce the amount of boxes created. This creates a balance between the many small boxes and the larger lighter areas.

Day Six: Spirals

This picture comes from testing a function I wrote to draw spirals. I like how some of them connect to their neighbours.

Day Seven: Random Strips

I really like the negative spaces on this picture. Sometimes what you don’t include is just as important as what you do.

To see more of my art…

…head to instagram. This article is intended to just give a taste of what is on offer. I won’t be updating this article now the first week is over, so click the link to see my most recent artworks.